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e-Tender Open (Manual) Turnkey Tender Limited Tender Enquiry Expression of Interest

Tender Description Area Unit Uploaded on
Fabrication, fixing and fitting of side coal flow deflector for IR Make feeder breaker (Local No.01) DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 04-03-2024
Different repairing works applicable to BD155 Dozer m/c sl. no. 13644 deployed at Topa OCP, Kuju Are KUJU Topa OC 03-03-2024
Different repairing works applicable to HD465-7E0 Dumper m/c sl. no. 10343 deployed at Topa OCP, Kuj KUJU Topa OC 03-03-2024
Rearrangement/ Diversion of Feeder No. 06 (6.6 KV) to clear OB dump area and extension of 3.3 KV Fee NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 03-03-2024
Complete repairing/ rewinding of 100 KVA, 3.3kV/440V Transformer, Sl. No. missing Local Sl. No. DBB/ NORTH KARANPURA Dakra OC 03-03-2024
Repair and Maintenance of damaged Internal electrical wiring of Central Hospital Dakra, Area Securit NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 03-03-2024
Repairing of 04 nos. of cutting edges set for Grader BG825 and also Repairing of 02 nos. steering c PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 03-03-2024
Repairing of 02 nos. hoist cylinder, 02 nos. stg cylinder, platform, operator cabin of BH60M Dumper PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 03-03-2024
Dismantling of RHS damaged track frame assy, from D355 Dozer D23 and dismantling of track frame from PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 03-03-2024
Repairing of 06 nos. emergency steering motor used in HEMMs working at Ashok OCP PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 03-03-2024
Repairing of A frame bearing and differential assy of CAT777D Dumper Sl.No. -TH13 at Ashok OCP. PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 03-03-2024
Construction of deep bore well with submersible and hand pumps at various location under CSR RAJRAPPA GM Unit 02-03-2024
Construction of Model Toilet complex in G.M unit under CRS, Barkakana. CRS/CS BARKAKANA CRS/CS BARKAKANA 02-03-2024
Repair of collapsed main campus boundary of C and D filter pump and CPP colony and quarter No.B/34 B KATHARA GM Unit 02-03-2024
Repair and maintenance of pipe line for two years at IBM colony and Bandh colony under Kathara Washe KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 02-03-2024
Repair and maintenance of 02 no Sub Station near IBM colony under Kathara Colliery KATHARA Kathara OC 02-03-2024
Repairing, maintenance and renovation of main entrance gate, E and M and excavation office, provisio HAZARIBAGH Tapin North OC 02-03-2024
Repairing of both sides front and rear suspensions of Water Sprinkler Sl. No. 395 and Repairing of W ARGADA Religara OC 02-03-2024
Valuation of surveyed off P&M equipments (114 item/Assest) of Gidi Washery as listed in technical sp ARGADA Gidi A OC 02-03-2024
Different repairing works applicable to BEML dumpers and water sprinklers m/c sl. no. 60036,60060, 2 KUJU Topa OC 02-03-2024
Repairing of Levelling Jack Flange assy., Yoke assy., sprocket and pin applicable to IDM30 drills m/ KUJU Topa OC 02-03-2024
Barbed wire fencing RCC posts along Medicinal plantation site behind Urimari Base workshop under Nor BARKA SAYAL North Urimari (Birsa) OC 01-03-2024
Loading and Transportation of coal by contractor’s excavator into tipping trucks DHORI Amlo OC 01-03-2024
Loading and Transportation of Coal from Surface Stock Yard of AADOCM to Feeder Breaker, Dhori Railwa DHORI Amlo OC 01-03-2024
Loading and Transportation of coal from surface stockyard of SDOC Mines to Feeder Breaker of Rly. Si DHORI Amlo OC 01-03-2024
Repair and maintenance of Boundary wall in Central Stores of Barkakana. CRS/CS BARKAKANA CRS/CS BARKAKANA 01-03-2024
Installation of 04 Nos. of GOAB Switch (11000 V, 1250 Amp) for controlling power supply to Feeder No NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 01-03-2024
Internal rewiring/repairing of damaged electrical wiring of Project Engineer (Excavation) office and NORTH KARANPURA Dakra OC 01-03-2024
Providing and installation of lightening arrestor/conductor along with construction of earth pit for NORTH KARANPURA Purnadih OC 01-03-2024
Arrangement of two numbers of Mine pump platform and shifting of view point at TTK OCP under Rajhara RAJHARA Tetariakhar OC 01-03-2024
(A) Repairing of wiring with electrical accessories of 02 nos. of Barrack, kitchen and Toilets of Ho PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 01-03-2024
(1)Partial Repairing of the damaged section of the platform structure of road WB-3 under Ashok OCP. PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 01-03-2024
Providing and fixing of spare parts/accessories to various equipment’s /machineries. And Work Cuttin PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 01-03-2024
Repairing of Snub drum pulley of Conveyor 1017 near Head end by means of demounting the pulley, dis PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 01-03-2024
Preventive maintenance of 06 Nos. D.G. sets ( 04 Nos. 250 KVA and 02 Nos. 125 KVA D.G. sets) at Amra MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 01-03-2024
Repair and Maintenance of Quarter No B-07 at 15 Number Colony of JOCP under Hazaribagh Area HAZARIBAGH Jharkhand OC 01-03-2024
Renovation of Shiv temple and Hanuman temple at Butbera Colony and Sarubera Colony under Sarubera Co KUJU Sarubera UG 01-03-2024
Repairing and maintenance of Quarter No. B-05 of IWSP Colony under IWSP Project of Kuju Area. KUJU Sarubera UG 01-03-2024
New Making fabrication for Operator Cabin in RH/Side and LH/Side to prevent rain water in the top of KATHARA Kathara OC 01-03-2024
Repairing / changing of booms buffer plate from top to bottom of both side and booms lower crack por KATHARA Kathara OC 01-03-2024
Repair of bucket door hinge different cracks development of swing circle of EKG-5A Shovel, Sl.no HMB ARGADA Gidi C OC 01-03-2024
Repairing of HEMM stationary compressor assy. and multi-Jet washing system of HEMM at Karma OCP, Kuj KUJU Karma OC 01-03-2024
Repairing of Final Drive Assly and RH Track Arm of BD-155 Dozer Sl. no. 13719 of Sirka OCP. ARGADA Sirka OC 01-03-2024
Repairing of bucket cylinder assy. (LHS) and its mounting applicable to Tata Ex-1200VD shovel sl.no. KUJU Karma OC 01-03-2024
Repairing work of R&P gate and electromagnetic vibrofeeder of unit no.120G, 120H& 120I of main plant HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 01-03-2024
Repairing of 02 nos. take-up pulley dia 1000X1150mm of unit no.303 B/C and 65 nos. guiding rollers. HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 01-03-2024
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract with daily cleaning and up-keeping of Regional Store,Jaran BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 01-03-2024
Writing and painting on steel board i.e. priming, painting, letter writing and slogan. HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 01-03-2024
Repairing and refilling of 52 nos. fire extinguisher (30nos. DCP type and 22 nos. ABC type). HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 01-03-2024
Dismantling and erection of 440 Volt overhead line conductor and providing and fixing of GOAB switch KATHARA Jarangdih OC 01-03-2024
Cleaning of road from T-Point towards Balumath siding under Magadh OCP of Magadh-Sanghmitra Area One MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 01-03-2024
Supply, commissioning and testing of 8 inch dia, jetting Hose pipe for 2000 GPM and 2500 GPM pump fo KATHARA Jarangdih OC 01-03-2024
Providing and Fixing quarry fencing along approach road from Develgadda village towards mines under MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 01-03-2024
Repair and Maintenance of Qtr. No. B-27, Subhash Nagar Colony, Bachra under GM Unit of MS Area, CCL MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 01-03-2024
Day to day, extension etc of HT Over head line at haul road, face OB dumping, pump station etc und KATHARA Jarangdih OC 01-03-2024
Providing awareness boards to prevent forest fire at different locations under Magadh OCP of Magadh- MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 01-03-2024
Dismantling and Construction of Community Structures of Jarangdih, Kathara Area, CCL. CORPORATE Corporate HQ 01-03-2024
Construction of P.Q.C. Road from workshop to weigh bridge No. 5 and weigh bridge no.2&3 at AKKOCP un CORPORATE Corporate HQ 01-03-2024
Repairing/fabrication of 02nos. SDLs bucket with its all accessories like pushram, bucket chain, con DHORI Dhori Khas UG 01-03-2024
Repairing and maintenance with diversion of 440V OH line at officer colony and replacement of existi DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 01-03-2024
Provision of illumination of LED flood light at Kargali football ground for Inter Area Volleyball Ch DHORI GM Unit 01-03-2024
Dismantling work of light fittings, wall fan, air conditioners, switch board along with wiring/cabli DHORI GM Unit 01-03-2024
Dry cleaning of curtain, Sofa covers, towels, bed sheets and chair covers etc. at DHC CORPORATE Corporate HQ 29-02-2024
Repairing reconditioning of 2000GPM, 150m head pump make: Sykes, Sl. No.3201 at Rajhara OCP, Rajhara RAJHARA Rajhara OC 29-02-2024
Repairing of Eye and Bushing of Lift cylinder(both) of Payloader Model CAT 988H, Sl. No. A260 deploy KUJU Karma OC 29-02-2024
Transportation of 50 no 8’’ MS pipes from TTK OCP, laying and installation of 270m 8' MS pipeline f RAJHARA Rajhara OC 29-02-2024
Providing and laying G.I pipe for covering load cell cable and PVC conduit to avoid any joints of PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 29-02-2024
Rewinding/repairing 250 KVA, 11KV/415 V transformer Sr. No. C-6651/64 make Electric Construction & E PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 29-02-2024
Providing power supply through 440 Volt O/H line through bunch cable for lighting arrangement and Fo PIPARWAR CHP / CPP 29-02-2024
Laying of 400 mtr, 10" dia MS pipeline for operation of pump and dismantling of 1800 mtr 8" dia MS p PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 29-02-2024
Job1. Erection of extra conductor for 3-phase power supply for submersible pumps installed at New Bi PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 29-02-2024
Proposal for branch diversion of feeder No. 5 near Coal deport No.78, dismantling of feeder No. 02 n PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 29-02-2024
Providing pump foundation with shed for shifting of pump motor at Kuju Colliery of Kuju Area. KUJU Kuju UG 29-02-2024
Construction of solar based deep boring near Saichnath Mahto house in Pundi and installation of sola KUJU Pundi OC 29-02-2024
Repairing of retaining wall and stair near 12 no pit office AADOCM of Dhori Area. DHORI Amlo OC 29-02-2024
Repairing/fitting of final drive assembly (RHS) and new bearing changing of shovel CK-300 L and T, S KATHARA Jarangdih OC 29-02-2024
Repairing of floor of Dozer, Sl. No. T-13592 working at Jarangdih Colliery. KATHARA Jarangdih OC 29-02-2024
Repairing of Hydraulic pressure pipe, hydraulic adopter booster cylinder seal kit changing and hub s KATHARA Jarangdih OC 29-02-2024
Power supply arrangement and erection of lightening arrestor for weighbridges no. 24 and 25 under Am MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 29-02-2024
Dismantling and assembling work of under carriage and Repairing of Holes of Sprocket and both side t ARGADA Gidi A OC 29-02-2024
Rep. of HEMM Dozer, Model Dozco, Sl. No. T-3288 at Jrd. Colliery.(a) Rep. of damaged LHS and RHS bra KATHARA Jarangdih OC 29-02-2024
Supply and installation of Energy Meter at Officer’s Colony at GM Unit, Subhash Nagar, Rohini, Churi NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 29-02-2024
Repairing of (A) L.T & H.T switch gear breaker units of 315KVA, 3.3KV/550B T.S.U P&M No. 797 make mi DHORI Dhori Khas UG 29-02-2024
Repairing and strengthening of the weighment platform structure of Electronic 60 Te Capacity, Weight NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 29-02-2024
Erection of ESE (Early Streamer Emission) type lightning arrester at IWSS filter plant, Singh Nagar DHORI GM Unit 29-02-2024
Repairing Articulated bearing housing and arm housing of CAT 988 H Pay-loader Sl.no. A7A00282 of Gid ARGADA Gidi C OC 29-02-2024
Repair and maintenance of Shed No.2 and Office Building at Excavation Workshop GIDI-A under GIDI-A C ARGADA Gidi A OC 29-02-2024
Day to day shifting of existing pumps in main sump along with related accessories wrt AADOCM of Dhor DHORI Amlo OC 29-02-2024
Colour washing, painting and flooring works of 02 nos. Community place in Gidi-C worker’s colony und ARGADA Gidi C OC 29-02-2024
Day to day erection & dismantling of 220/440V OH line for better illumination of 9 no. Pumpimg stati DHORI Amlo OC 29-02-2024
AMC for cleaning mud and cutting of bushes along the track of railway siding of Sawang Washery, unde KATHARA SWANG WASHERY 29-02-2024
Extension of Project Engineer (EXC.) office room for arrangement of Tolilet at Zero point, under Saw KATHARA Sawang OC 29-02-2024
Repairing of boundary wall behind bill and civil section at Project Office of Sawang Colliery Kathar KATHARA Sawang OC 29-02-2024
Repair and Maintenance of Damaged Internal Electrical Wiring and Service wire change of 50 Nos. of v NORTH KARANPURA G M Unit 29-02-2024
Fabrication and erection of structure with bus bar arrangement (11 kV side) at substation near Regio DHORI GM Unit 29-02-2024
Mechanical repairing and maintenance of 15KW 990RPM, 30KW 1480RPM & 55KW 1480RPM motor of KW HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 28-02-2024
Complete repairing and overhauling of 06 nos, ACB 3200Amp, 415V installed at main washery LT MCC. HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 28-02-2024
Replacement of diff. type of pulley, Maint. work in 303 and 307 B/C of KW. HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 28-02-2024
Repairing and re-conditioning of bearing assembly for PSP pump unit no. 274B of main plant. HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 28-02-2024
Complete repairing of gear box of static thickener main plant of Kedla Washery. HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 28-02-2024

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